Media Technology MSc

Computer Systems

Several computer and networking systems are available to students. However, we strongly advise students to have their own laptop.


Student are provided with two LIACS systems accounts when they enter the Media Technology programme. These accounts enable them to use several of the LIACS computers and networks. One account is for our Mac/Linux machines and for printing. The other account is for our Windows machines. Although the provided account names and initial passwords are the same, they are in fact two separate accounts! Changing the password for one account does not change the other.


Students should contact the LIACS Helpdesk, located in room 138 of the Snellius building (phone 071 527 7038), if they have questions about the provided computers, networks and accounts.


Students can use the LIACS networking services in the Snellius building. To connect your private laptop, you can

  • connect it to a wall-mounted port in room 413 with your own Ethernet patch cable.
  • connect to the wi-fi network using the login data provided to you at the start of your studies.
Max/MSP and Jitter Licenses

Max/MSP is a graphical environment for music, audio, and multimedia programming. Jitter is a collection of video, matrix, and 3D graphics objects for Max/MSP. They are used in the Image & Vision and Sound, Space & Interaction courses. Read about Max/MSP and Jitter at Cycling '74.

The Media Technology programme owns a collection of Max/MSP and Jitter licenses of version 4.6.3 and version 5. A network based keyserver from Sassafras manages these licenses, which is available throughout the entire LIACS network (including wireless networks). Students can use these licenses to run Max/MSP and Jitter on their own laptop. A maximum number of users can run the software concurrently. If you want to install Max/MSP and Jitter on your own laptop, please send an e-mail to The information to install the software is then provided. The combination of software was already installed on all computers in rooms 406 and 408. All these machines are ready for the running of Max/MSP with Jitter.


Several Apple iMac computers are available for students to use in rooms 406. Use the account provided to you at the start of the programme to login.

Windows/Linux PC's

Several PC's running both Windows and Linux are available for students to use in the educational wing of the Snellius building. Use the account provided to you at the start of the programme to login.

Research and Education Lab

Servers for very heavy duty computation (for example GPU based deep learning) are available through the Resarch and Education Lab and the Data Science Lab (link only available internally).

ULCN Account

Leiden University provides every student with a U-Account that gives access to the ULCN network (Universiteit Leiden Community Network). This account is important for students: it provides access to the grades administration (U-Twist), Blackboard, and downloadable scientific papers (U-Lip). It also gives discount on computer supplies at


Eduroam is a system that offers free wireless (encrypted) connections to students and staff, also at other educational institutions inside/outside The Netherlands. With a Leiden University's ULCN account, you should have access to all other eduroam wi-fi networks at other schools and universities! Most information is available at from the ISSC webpage.