Media Technology MSc

MSc Thesis


The Influence of Interactivity on Immersion in Literature


Alex Reuneker




The research described in this article analyses the influence of interactivity in literature on immersion, giving an overview of the different forms of electronic literature, a description of the plot structure and the term immersion. This article also describes an experiment in which the immersive experience of the reader of linear and non-linear (interactive) fiction are compared. This experiment shows that interactivity has no direct influence on the immersive experience of the reader, but that interactivity does stimulate the process of thinking about alternative endings of a story. The results of this experiment, and the supporting argumentation also provide a basis for possible discussion about interactivity and immersion in various media.

Full Reference

Alex Reuneker, "The Influence of Interactivity on Immersion in Literature", Master's Thesis for the Media Technology programme, Leiden University (The Netherlands), 2008