Media Technology MSc

MSc Thesis


Telling a Story With a Graph-Based Interface: Case Study at Teyler’s Museum


Esther Schreuders




In this study a combination of interactive storytelling of museum artifacts and a graph-based visual interface is investigated. A web application is created in which a user can navigate between 22 different stories which are linked on a subject basis. Therefore, the main research question focuses on the experience of a presentation of these linked stories in a GUI, for which specifically a graph is used. At the same time we try to understand how users explore these interlinked stories and how they react to their visual presentation. The particular behaviour of encountering a visual bottleneck or an obstacle in the graph is observed from our experimental data. Results of 39 participants show that based on selection procedures it is possible to distinguish groups of users which are interested in reading the stories and those who are less interested. Paths that users probe are described. In addition, there does seem to be a drop-off in readers after a visual bottleneck and multiple choice question(s) in the application. One of the near-end nodes has been visited surprisingly often, indicating that participants may go for a visual path towards the end instead of a practical path through the story-lines.

Full Reference

Esther Schreuders, "Telling a Story With a Graph-Based Interface: Case Study at Teyler’s Museum", Master's Thesis for the Media Technology programme, Leiden University (The Netherlands), 2013