Media Technology MSc

MSc Thesis


Room Racers: Design and Evaluation of a Mixed Reality Game Prototype


Lieven van Velthoven




This project investigates the feasibility and ‘fun potential’ of interactive top-down projection systems for gaming purposes, through the design and evaluation of a racing game prototype. Room Racers allows household items to be used as obstacles for virtual, player-controlled cars. We explain the design rationale behind both the technical and gameplay aspects of the system. The difficulties of evaluating HCI entertainment systems are investigated and acknowledged. Our results were evaluated through informal observations and interviews in numerous real-life settings. In addition, we present a summary of expert opinions, honors, awards, and online feedback. The combined results provide indications of substantial support for the system. We claim to have shown that, even with basic technical means, projection-based augmented reality can be a powerful and (commercially) viable gaming platform.


Full Reference

Lieven van Velthoven, "Room Racers: Design and Evaluation of a Mixed Reality Game Prototype", Master's Thesis for the Media Technology programme, Leiden University (The Netherlands), 2012