Media Technology MSc

MSc Thesis


Influence of Surround Sound on Visual Fixations During Voluntary Video Viewing


Manolis Fragkiadakis




Studies have shown that gaze behavior is affected by visual features such as motion, brightness and contrast. In addition, it has been assumed that monophonic sound content can also affect the allocation of gaze. However, surround sound has not been studied as a possible factor that can influence eye behavior in dynamic scenes. In this study we investigate the influence of surround sound on eye movements during voluntary video viewing. We recorded the eye movements and in particular the fixations of 21 participants during videos of outdoor scenes with monophonic and surround uncorrelated to the content of the videos sound. The results showed that, in general, fixations with surround sound were clustered at approximately 130 pixels away from the ones with monophonic sound. Furthermore, in moments when there were moving objects appearing in a scene, the sound condition did not modulate the allocation of gaze. Finally, the locations of the clusters of multiple participants are significantly dependent on the location of the active speaker. While surround sound influences gaze allocation, motion seems to be a visual feature that interferes with this impact. However, limitations of the eye tracking device and the spatialization technique used in the experiments prevent us from drawing further tangible conclusions.


Eye-movements, attention, video, surround sound, audio-visual integration, eye-tracking experiment, visual attention models.

Full Reference

Manolis Fragkiadakis, "Influence of Surround Sound on Visual Fixations During Voluntary Video Viewing", Master's Thesis for the Media Technology programme, Leiden University (The Netherlands), 2016