Media Technology MSc

MSc Thesis


Cross-Modal Integration of Auditory and Visual Apparent Motion Signals: Not a Robust Process


David van Paesschen




Cross-modal perceptual research is a field of growing interest, after decades of primarily unimodal studies. The existence of multisensory neurons is well documented and previous cognitive studies have shown the effect of one sensory modality on another. Studies on cross-modal integration of auditory and visual motion signals have focused on facilitation of motion detection. The present study uses auditory and visual apparent motion signals to test the effect of sound on the perception of visual motion. In one experiment we show no effect of sound that is temporally coincident and spatially correlated to the visual stimulus, a motion quartet. The second experiment shows no effect when the onset of the auditory stimulus is 118 ms before onset of the frames of the motion quartet. In a third experiment we show no priming effect when the auditory stimulus is presented completely before onset of the motion quartet. Our findings in the first two experiments corroborate results from previous studies on audio-visual integration. It is argued that signals have to be spatially coincident for cross-modal integration to occur, whereas in our experiments the signals were merely spatially correlated.


Full Reference

David van Paesschen, "Cross-Modal Integration of Auditory and Visual Apparent Motion Signals: Not a Robust Process", Master's Thesis for the Media Technology programme, Leiden University (The Netherlands), 2009