Media Technology MSc

Visualizing Rembrandt: An Artist’s Data Visualization


Visualizing Rembrandt is a web application that helps users to view connections between Rembrandt and other artists with whom he had a professional relationship. These connections can be made by choosing from different criteria: teachers, pupils, influenced by, influence on, human figure, landscape, drawing and paintings. The data for this project was provided by the RKD (Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie) and an application built with Java and Javascript was used for its display. This application is an innovative tool that is helpful to display museums data in an efficient fashion, which can be a good support for visualizing and connecting data in museums and exhibitions (and can be used with different artists data).


Tamara Pinos Cisneros and Andrés Pardo Rodríguez, Visualizing Rembrandt: An Artist's Data Visualization. In: M. Mancas et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 5th ICST Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment, LNICST Vol. 124, Springer, pp 65-70, 2013