Media Technology MSc

The Vocal Range of Movies: Sonifying Gender Representation in Film


Research has shown that in contemporary movies, male characters consistently outnumber female characters. In recent years, the number of speaking roles identified as female has declined or remained stable. Guidelines like the Bechdel and Mako Mori test have emerged as a method of evaluating gender representation in film. In this study, a more abstract and experiential form of evaluation is proposed. The per-segment sonification of the assigned gender of a character and the amount of lines they have in that segment of the script creates an audio file, showcasing the gender-representation in the movie dynamically. Two focus groups, one specifically consisting of young filmmakers, have expressed their interest in this form of movie-sonification. Expressed wishes for additional features and other suggested improvements are taken into consideration for the creation of the next prototype.




Gender Sonification Representation Data Perceptualization Movie Film Audio


Marcello A. Gómez Maureira and Lisa E. Rombout, The Vocal Range of Movies: Sonifying Gender Representation in Film. In: K. Chorianopoulos, et al. (Eds.): International Conference on Entertainment Computing (LNCS Vol. 9353), Springer International Publishing, pp 545-550, 2015.