Media Technology MSc

The Happiness Cube Paradigm: Eliciting Happiness Through Sound, Video, Light and Odor


Emotion elicitation and physiological responses are 2 fields that have been studied extensively the last 20 years. Based on the already existing research, a scientific experiment is described with the goal to elicit emotions of happiness to the participants by the use of video, sound and odorants. Contrary to most already existing research, the goal of this experiment is to elicit just one emotion -happiness-. Moreover, the expected multisensory experience is of great significance since most of the existing research on emotion elicitation is usually focusing only on one or two at most sensory modalities.

Conference Proceedings


Stylianos Giannoulis and Fons Verbeek, The happiness cube paradigm; eliciting emotions of happiness through sound, video, light and odor. Assessment of affective state with non invasive techniques. In: Proceedings of 4th International Workshop on Emotion and Computing: Current Research and Future Impact, September 2009, Paderborn (Germany), pp 7-14