Media Technology MSc

Tagged Identities


Everyone leaves more and more traces about their own identity behind on the Internet. Traces in the form of profiles, tags and search behavior. In most cases this is regarded as a negative development as privacy in this seems to be shat-tered. However these traces could be set to good use if they where collected in profiles. A profile dynamically created out of these traces of a certain person on the Internet would have two big advantages. The first one would be that it dy-namically adjusts to ones changes in life. The other one would be an important improvement in trust when used for engaging in new relationships. The Tagged Identities application is a social network based upon this concept of generating profiles dynamically. The application will be used as a proof of concept. So it is not just about generating the profiles but also about the essence of network-ing, matching profiles and finding users with similar interests in a usable way.


Bob Cruijsberg, Tagged Identities. Poster presented at the HCI-methods: Way To Go? Conference, June 2007, Eindhoven