Media Technology MSc

Tag Based Meta-Search for Browsing the Web: The TicTag Application


Social networks, such as bookmarking services, offer new ways of storing, categorizing (tagging) and accessing information, competing with conventional approaches of search-engines. But in what ways are these social structures changing the search-results in the benefit of the searcher and how can we visualize these differences to improve user awareness on the differentiations of the tactics? We present a novel algorithm that constructs and compares two sets of tags (a common understanding of what content falls under what tags) for each of the search-tactics. Furthermore, we built an application that combines the results and presents them to the user in a novel way.


Christina Papakonstantinou, Ioannis Panagiotou, and Fons Verbeek, Tag Based Meta-Search for Browsing the Web: The TicTag Application. In: Proceedings of the 13th Computer-Human Interaction Netherlands Conference, June 2009, Leiden (The Netherlands), pp 93-101