Media Technology MSc

Pointing Task Evaluation of Leap Motion Controller in 3D Virtual Environment


Performing tasks in virtual environments are to increasing extent becoming normal practice; such is possible due to the developments in graphic rendering systems and interaction techniques. Application areas from entertainment to medical industry benefit from gestural 3D interaction. With this in mind, we set out a study aiming to research the relevance of using determined 6DoF input devices in interacting with three-dimensional models in graphical interfaces. In this paper we present an evaluation of 3D pointing tasks using Leap Motion sensor to support 3D object manipulation. Three controlled experiments were performed in the study, exposing test subjects to pointing task evaluations and object deformation, measuring the time taken to perform mesh extrusion and object translation. Qualitative data was gathered using the System Usability Scale questionnaire. The data show a strong correlation between input device and performance time suggesting a dominance of the Leap Motion gestural interface over mouse interaction concerning single target three-dimensional pointing tasks. Multi-target tasks were performed better with mouse interaction due to issues of 3D input system accuracy. Performance time regarding shape deformation task demonstrated that mouse interaction outperformed 3D Input device.


Joanna C. Coelho and Fons J. Verbeek, Pointing Task Evaluation of Leap Motion Controller in 3D Virtual Environment. In: Creating the Difference, Proceedings of the Chi Sparks 2014 Conference, pp 78-85 (2014).