Media Technology MSc



Motion2Sound is a program that translates motion properties into sound ones. This is done by using a motion detection system (Open Cv) and one can have as an input a live web-cam or a video .Several parameters are used to enhance the results such as 'intervals' for different scales, 'tunit'(based on psychophysics principles) for minimum time unit of sound generation and 'threshold' for deciding how much of the motion shall be captured and thus translated into sound. It can be a useful tool for different art forms such as video art, experimental dance, theater, etc. It works as a plug-in to sequencer programs such as Fruity Loops, Cubase and others and as a stand alone as well. One can choose whichever virtual instrument one wants for generating sound or the in-built one.


Aggelos Bousbouras and Antanas Kaziliünas, Motion2Sound. In: Proceedings of the 3rd ACM Int Conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment & Arts (DIMEA), September 2008, Athens (Greece), pp 511-512