Media Technology MSc

Kinetic Surface Friction Rendering for Interactive Sonification: An Initial Exploration


Inspired by the role sound and friction play in interactions with everyday objects, this work aims to identify some of the ways in which kinetic surface friction rendering can complement interactive sonification controlled by movable objects. In order to do this, a tactile system is presented which implements a movable physical object with programmable friction. Important aspects of this system include the capacity to display highresolution kinetic friction patterns, the ability to algorithmically define interactions directly in terms of physical units, and the complete integration of audio and tactile synthesis. A prototype interaction spatially mapping arbitrary 1D signal data on a surface and directly converting these to sound and friction during movements across the surface is described. The results of a pilot evaluation of this interaction indicate how kinetic surface friction rendering can be a means for giving dynamically created virtual objects for sonification a tangible presence. Some specific possible roles for movement input and friction output are identified, as well as issues to be considered when applying and further developing this type of haptic feedback in the context of interactive sonification.


Staas de Jong, Kinetic Surface Friction Rendering for Interactive Sonification: An Initial Exploration. In: Proceedings of the 3rd Interactive Sonification Workshop (ISON 2010), Stockholm, pp 105-108, April 2010