Media Technology MSc

Foodie Moodie


Food anamnesis is a crucial part in the diagnosis of a food allergy. To obtain this food information hospitals normally make use of a paper-based food diary. Research has shown that using an electronic, computer-based diary promises a much higher compliance of collected data than a paper-based diary. Persuasive technology focuses on the use of interactive computing systems to change people’s attitudes and behaviors. The Foodie Moodie system consists of two parts which are mutually dependent on each other. The first part is an online gaming environment. By playing the game patients send their food behavior to a database. Patients can connect to the online game via computer or a mobile application. The second part is an online analysis application used by specialists to keep track of their patients. The target groups are children aged from 7 to 11 years, their parents and their specialists. Aim of this study are: • To raise children’s awareness of their food allergy and to stimulate them to check food labels daily and to say no when food is offered which they are not allowed to eat (because it can cause an allergic reaction). • To present the information for specialists in a more structured manner so statistical calculations can be made like data mining.


D.M. Loppé, A. Matahelumual, F.J. Verbeek, N.W. De Jong, and D.D. Sutter, Foodie Moodie: An electronic system which supports patients who suffer from food allergy and which allows specialists to analyze the diagnosis better. Poster presented at the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Allergologie congress, November 16 2007