Media Technology MSc

Changing Typographic Elements of eBooks Without Disturbing the Reader’s Experience


The book has gone digital but it is still a static book. To make the book more interesting, an extra layer could be added — a layer with more „information‟ that intensifies the story at the right moment. To lay a base for these HCI developments, it is necessary to know if page elements can be changed without disturbing the reader‟s experience. By creating a program for an eReader we tested how the reader responds to typographic changes on the page during reading. With the use of recorded reading times and a questionnaire, we analyzed if the real-time typographic changes influence the immersion of the reader and therefore the reader‟s experience. Although a substantial number of experimental subjects indicated the changes as not positive, from the reading time measurements and immersion questionnaire we concluded that it is possible to change typographic elements during reading without disturbing the immersion. The results open the door to more interactive digital reading experiences.


Thijs de Boer and Maarten H. Lamers, Changing Typographic Elements of eBooks Without Disturbing the Reader's Experience: The Basis for a Richer Story. In: Proceedings of the CHI Sparks Conference 2011, June 2011, Arnhem (The Netherlands)