Media Technology MSc

Audience-Artwork Interaction


Interactive art is of great relevance to the arts, sciences and technology alike. A common interest among researchers of different disciplines, practising artists and art institutes is the interaction between audience and artwork. This paper introduces the term audience-artwork interaction to facilitate research in this field and raises the question: how can we describe the interaction between audience and artwork? We discuss relevant research such as definitions and taxonomies of interaction, classifications of interactive systems and audience behaviour studies. A working definition of audience-artwork interaction is established. Furthermore, a model which describes interaction as a dialogue between the audience and a dynamic work is presented. We identify possible future directions and point out the need for models which describe the audiences and artworks actions and reactions as well as the relationships among them.




interactive art, audience-artwork interaction, dialogue model, interaction models, interaction definition, classification, interaction taxonomy, categorisation, HCI, media art, archiving, audience behaviour, artwork


Hanna K. Schraffenberger and Edwin van der Heide, Audience-Artwork Interaction. In: International Journal of Arts and Technology 8(2), pp 91-114. Inderscience Publishers, 2014.