Media Technology MSc

5 Years Media Technology


This small book was compiled to give an overview of the first five years of the Media Technology MSc programme at Leiden University. Quoting from the book's preface: “When is this program successful?” we were asked at the start. “When the projects are good,” was our opinion. “When students create things and concepts that make us proud. When they come up with things that I want to tell about at home; then it is successful. And if others want to tell about it and read about it, then it is absolutely great.” We have passed five years since: this book was made to celebrate our anniversary. And we hope that our programme is successful. We believe so; the projects have become better over time and students have succeeded to publish and present their work, and occasionally attract interest from popular media. We hope that you agree with us. And for that reason we present thirteen projects. Projects by Media Technology students.

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Bas Haring and Maarten Lamers (Eds.), 5 Years Media Technology. Leiden University, 2007