Media Technology MSc

3-Dimengination: Playing a Puzzle with Texture and Projections


There are a plethora of puzzles that one can play on a computer and for which the computer assesses the correctness of the solution. Each puzzle appeals to the extent to which a person can mentalize the puzzle and thereby think about the form of a solution. The element of playfulness on a screen is limited and this calls for a different class of puzzles, those that are truly 3D. We have experimented with such a puzzle in order to assess what hardware elements are required to realize a true 3D puzzle as well as assessing the interaction that a user has or can have with such a puzzle. The idea of our 3D puzzle is to create awareness of a given 3D configuration. That configuration is constructed from two different projections using block-artifacts on which textures are projected.


Polly Oskam, Atze de Vries, and Fons J. Verbeek, 3-Dimengination: Playing a Puzzle with Texture and Projections. Presented at the CHI Sparks Conference 2011, June 2011, Arnhem (The Netherlands)