Media Technology MSc

Whether You Like Art or Not (2011)

Whether You Like Art or Not

In her graduation research, student Hanna Schraffenberger investigated the liking of modern art, in a very personal manner. Her work studies and comments on the influence of context on our liking of modern art, but also delves into questions about the role that computers can have as the "maker" of works. In short, she studied how we see modern art and how we "like" it, by using personal observations as starting points for her exploratory journeys.

Short essays on the liking of modern art

The results of Hanna's graduation project were published in a small book — not a hefty thesis (scriptie), but a playful collection of essays that are enjoyable and accessible to read. Collectively, these essays explore the field and its interconnecting concepts. In a way, each essay takes a different "route" through the landscape of modern art appreciation. These routes intertwine and connect, and as such expose the underlying relations in a playful manner.

Playful science

In the Media Technology program, we are interested in playful scientific questions, methods and presentation forms. This graduation work fits our tradition well, since it explores the borders of scientific questioning and methods, in particular the role of personal observations in this. The presentation form of multiple essays reflects this unique approach to science. After obtaining her Media Technology MSc diploma, Hanna became a PhD researcher in our group and studies interaction models for augmented reality and interactive art.