Media Technology MSc

Wanderer, a Location Independent GPS-Game (2006)

Wanderer, a Location Independent GPS-Game Wanderer is like a digital version of the popular Simon Says children’s game. The player must keep moving at a certain speed through a real city, while following purely auditory commands such as “Go left!”, “Go right!”, and “Turn around!”. Physical real-world objects become obstacles in the game that must be avoided, giving rise to a mixed-reality situation. With each new technology, people eagerly wish to exploit its full potential. Based on GPS technology, many so-called ‘location aware’ games have been developed for pre-determined locations. By using knowledge of a specific geographical surrounding, these games let the player move around in the physical world.
Location independent
The Wanderer project, however, decided to ignore pure geographical location and use its derived values of speed and direction instead. In this way, a game becomes location-independent but still reactive to the player’s movements within the physical world. Presented at the Third International Workshop on Pervasive Gaming Applications, May 2006, in Dublin. The project was done together with Jiri Heitlager. Read more or see a video on the project website.