Media Technology MSc

TriOx, a 3D Video Display (2002)

TriOx, a 3D Video Display Personal interest is an excellent driving force for academic work. Although not academic, this project from the first year of the Media Technology programme was conceived from one member’s wish to create Star Trek’s holodeck 3-dimensional projection system. The team created a large fast-spinning disc onto which images were projected very rapidly. These images were angular projections of 3D object models calculated in real-time, that corresponded to different rotation angles of the projection disc. The result was indeed a volumetric projection, although not quite detailed and accompanied by large amounts of rushing air (when at full speed, the whole contraption was quite scary indeed). Interesting about this work is that students set out to realize a goal that at first seemed unattainable, and succeeded. By doing such work, new knowledge may be generated and interesting new research questions may arise. Read more on the project website.