Media Technology MSc

TrashPet (2004)

TrashPet Ever walked down the street, looked at the trash on the ground and wondered why people throw it on the ground instead of the trash bin around the corner? Is there something wrong with the trash bin? Or is there something wrong with people that are throwing their trash on the ground in public spaces? Our solution focuses on changing the bad littering behaviour of people in public space. By adding a character and emotional response to a trash bin we want to increase the involvement in public space. Our Trash Pet is meant to be the mediator between people and public space; we want them to feel they have a shared responsibility. The Trash Pet’s state forms a reflection on how people treat the space were the Trash Pet resides. This reflection gives public space a face, a personality in the form of an interactive garbage bin. We hope people get more aware of the morals and values applying to public space.