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Trading Places, Discovering Hamburg in Rotterdam (2004)

Just North of Amsterdam Central Station, across the IJ waterway, near the warehouses of tile-distributor Intercodam, when the sun fights its way through dense Dutch clouds, that is where you can experience Staten Island, New York. Standing on the water’s edge you see the colorful buildings of Java Island, and with just the right sunlight you’d think you were on Staten Island, staring out over the famous skyline of Manhattan. Add a Coke and a hamburger – plenty of fastfood in the area – and New York seems even more real and nearby. Trading Places is a collection of locations, times and conditions, under which you can experience far away places from within The Netherlands. It was especially made for foreign visitors who occasionally want to feel the familiarity of home. The collection is constantly being extended by visitors, who describe where, when, and under which conditions – such as weather or heavy traffic – the experience of “being elsewhere” is best achieved. The collection is made available via a website that recommends the best experience, given the current time and weather conditions.