Media Technology MSc

Provocative Tactics in the Museum Territory (2006)

Provocative Tactics in the Museum Territory Amalia Kallergi investigated the possibilities of disrupting visitors' museum experiences as a method for promoting a more critical approach to their visit. She suggests that confrontation with unexpected stimuli that contradict one’s expectations of a museum visit can have a positive and creative value for the visitor, and she then attempts to apply such a disruption in an actual museum setup. The project started with an extensive in-depth theoretical study of the relations between authority, disruption and critical thinking in the museum environment. From this the Word-of-Mouth installation was proposed, that confronts visitors with the unmediated expressions of previous visitors. The proposed system was evaluated in cooperation with the Naturalis Museum of Natural History, in Leiden. Interestingly, as an intermediate research result of this project the social audio tour was proposed, a concept that seems highly interesting in its own right.