Media Technology MSc

Mano dei Mario (2007)

Mano dei Mario Mano dei Mario is the result of an exploration of alternative game input methods, undertaken as part of the Multimedia Systems course. Students Bastiaan Terhorst, Pegah Takapoui and Casper Schipper have tried to reduce the perceived distance between the gamer and the game itself, removing as much 'interface' as possible. Bastiaan controls Super Mario via hand gestures This resulted in a system with which the user controls Mario (from the classic Super Mario video game) using his/her fingers. The player makes Mario move around by making walking motions with the fingers, jump by jerking the hand up, and shoot by yelling "SHOOT!". See the project video to get a good impression of the gestural control. This project is a nice example of students following their own ideas about gesture control with great success. The project was presented at the Zefir7 Designers-café in Den Haag.