Media Technology MSc

Get Organized! (2004)

Education makes machines which act like men and produces men who act like machines.”, Erich Fromm
From Media Technology to a Human Organ

Drawing from his extensive background as an artist, Joachim Rotteveel put forward his view of media technological art, which he considers too user centered and too much dependent on readily available highly sophisticated technology. He calls this ‘laptop culture’, and sees the human body as the last technology to be integrated into media technological art. After reviewing many artworks that combine new technologies with human bodies, he set out to create a media technological 'Gesamtkunstwerk' that integrates the artist, audience and instrument into one. The result is the 'Human Organ', a setup resembling a classic Dutch street organ in which members of the audience participate as part of the instrument with their physical movements being controlled from a laptop. This project exemplifies how an artist can use methods of science to formulate and construct a line of thought, that ultimately leads to an artwork.