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Diceman, Breaking Conventions with a Die (2006)

Diceman, Breaking Conventions with a Die Our life is governed by conventions. The language that we speak is a convention, as is our driving on the right – or left – side of roads. The fact that ladies wear skirts and men don't is nothing more than a convention: it may just as well be the other way round. We realize that things may just as well be done differently, but hardly ever experience it.
The purpose of dicing is to destroy the normal personality: to create in its place a flexible and varied individual who knows that he’s the creator of all he does and is.”, Luke Rhinehart
The Diceman attempts to experience the conventions that govern our lives by ignoring them. Within several areas of social living that are full of conventions – such as traffic, dinner, and parties – the Diceman formulates six possible choices and let a die choose one. The Diceman respects the choice of the die, making him act within or outside our conventions. By doing this, the Diceman has experienced his travel by train as a cocktail party, he hugged his potentially new employer during a job interview, and slept during fitness training. Within four philosophical themes – freedom of will, regret, identity, and foolishness – the Diceman reflects on his experiences. Appeared as a series of articles in Dutch national newspaper, October-November 2006. Also featured on several national radio programs.