Media Technology MSc

Workshop “Warping Time and Space: Spatiotemporal Disruptive Imaging”

A two-day interactive workshop about spatio-temporal disruptive imaging, or warping time and space in images. Lecturers are Maarten Lamers and Bart Thomée of the Media Technology MSc programme. The workshop is open to all students.


Goal is to learn understand the relation between time and space in images taken over time, and how this can disrupt our preconception of time-space. The workshop goes through possible techniques that can be used for creating spatiotemporally distorted images, such as slitscan photography, digital manipulation of time and space in video, temporal aliasing (stroboscopic effect), and time-slicing. Examples are placed in technical and artistic context. Live demonstrations in class are given of most techniques, in which students are expected to participate.

TimePrism image, by students Maurice Kraanen and Alwin de RooijSome hands-on experience for students with simple but suitable techniques is part of the workshop. Students are challenged to create their own time-disrupting images by a technique of their choice. No programming skills required, but possibly useful for more advanced creative output. The first day consists of lectures, discussions, demonstrations and hands-on experimenting. After this day, students work at home to create their own spatiotemporal disrupted images, by a technique of their choice (approximately 16 hours work). On the second date, students present and discuss their results.


The workshop is open to all students registered at an institute of higher learning, anywhere. Don't forget to REGISTER HERE.

  • no programming skills required, but some programming experience may be useful
  • bring your own laptop if possible, with a current version of Processing installed
  • bring webcams (multiple if you have them), test them with standard Processing code from the
  • bring rotating things (fast and very slow: fans, motors, etcetera)
  • if you happen to have access to a stroboscope, bring it!
When and Where
  • Friday March 19, 10h30 - 17h00
  • Monday March 29, 13h00 - 17h30
  • room 413 of the Snellius Building
Credits, Level, Grading

1 EC, level 400. Full attendance is required to obtain a grade! Grading is based on student participation in class and results of the homework assignment.


Download Processing code and lecture slides from Streak image of rotating PostIt notes, by student Michiel Stade


26 - 29 March 2010