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Public class: Arduino Programming

Arduino boardOn February 15 2013, a public class about programming Arduino boards is offered. The lecture is part of the 'Hardware & Physical Computing' course, but it is open to everyone who is interested! This class is open to everyone, and free of cost!

When and Where?

Friday February 15 2013, 15:00-17:30. Raamsteeg 2, Leiden


Arduino boards are popular and cheap standalone computers with many connection capabilities. They are very popular for interactive artworks, home-automation and robotics, and can be easily programmed, even with intermediate programming skills. The boards can control all kinds of sensors and actuators. Sensors allow the board to acquire information from the surrounding environment (temperature, light sensors, distance, etc). Actuators are devices that allow the board to create changes in the physical world (lights, motors, heating devices, lcds, etc). It can also interact easily with other devices and computers, such as your PC/Mac, GPS receivers, barcode readers.

This class is a formal part of the 'Hardware & Physical Computing' course at Leiden University, in which students create Arduino-based products. Live demonstrations will teach you how to connect various stuff (motors, servo’s, GPS, lcds, etc) to the Wiring and Arduino boards, and how to write code for this. You do not need electronics knowledge to do this and intermediate programming skills are enough.


15 February 2013