Media Technology MSc

Media Technology exhibition: Transition

Naturalis Biodiversity Center presents

"Transition" a Media Technology MSc exhibition

February 8–10 & 14-16, 14:00-20:00h
Opening Thursday February 7, 17:00h

Media Technology MSc Program

The Media Technology MSc program is a place where students are encouraged to develop a creative approach to science. We educate students to translate their personal interests and inspiration into research projects. We’re open to unusual questions, unconventional research methods and forms of output beyond the traditional thesis format. This includes installations, games and books as possible result from a scientific research. The semester project is a good example of such an approach: the students are asked to translate their statement into a work that functions within an exhibition context.


We have taken ‘Transition’ as global theme for this year’s semester project. From this global theme we have derived seven sub-themes: energy, bloom, Dante’s Inferno, separation, from buttons to brainwaves, from real to virtual and honey bee.

The students have been working in groups of three that each have chosen their own sub-theme. The semester project has three phases. First of all the students are asked to explore their theme in the broadest sense (social, mathematical, biological, etc) and discover what it could possibly relate to. After gaining sufficient insight in the theme they are asked to formulate compelling statements related to the theme. Only once this is stage is completed they are asked to translate their statements into an installation. Together these installations form the semester project exhibition.


Besides the exhibition our program includes the lecture 'Connecting the Dots' by Amalia Kallergi, a presentation by graduate Lieven van Velthoven based on his augmented reality game 'Room Racers', the public class 'This is Arduino' by Maarten Lamers and a 'Meet the Makers' session in which the participating students explain what brought them to their installations.

Opening Hours

February 8-10 & February 14-16, 14:00-20:00.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition takes place on Thursday, February 7th at 17:00 hours. We start however with the lecture by Amalia Kallergi at 16:00 hours.


Naturalis, Raamsteeg 2, downtown Leiden (Google Maps)


For more information regarding the exhibition and the events you can download the complete flyer.


7 - 16 February 2013