Media Technology MSc

Media Technology exhibition: 50%

February 10th–12th & 16th-19th
Opening Thursday February 9th, 17:00

V2_ institute for the unstable media presents 50% a Media Technology MSc exhibition

The Media Technology MSc program is a place where students are encouraged to develop a creative approach to science. We educate students to translate their personal interest and inspiration into research projects. We're open to unusual questions, unconventional research methods and forms of output that exceed the traditional thesis format. This includes installations, games and books as possible result from a scientific research. The semester project is a good example of this approach.


We have taken '50%' as global theme for this year's semester project. From this global theme we have derived five sub-themes: mid-life, floating, halfway, layers and indivisible.

The students have been working in groups of three that each have chosen their own sub-theme. The semester project has three phases. First of all the students are asked to explore their theme in the broadest sense (social, mathematical, biological, etc) and discover what it could possibly relate to. After gaining sufficient insight in the theme they are asked to formulate compelling statements related to the theme. Only once this is stage is completed they are asked to translate their statements into an installation. Together these installations form the semester project exhibition.


Besides the exhibition our program includes a lecture by Bas Haring on non-textual scientific projects that are meant to convey a statement or trigger reflection, a graduation presentation by Alice Bodanzky on her concept for an intelligent self moving material shape, a lecture by Wim van Eck and Maarten Lamers on the use of real animals in computer games and a 'meet the makers' session where the participating students explain what brought them to their installations.


The opening ceremony of the exhibition takes place on Thursday, February 9th at 17:00 hours. We start however with the lecture by Bas Haring at 16:00 hours. For more information regarding the exhibition and the events you can download the complete flyer and the poster.

Opening Hours

February 10th – 12th & February 16th - 19th, 12:00-18:00
Opening ceremony: Thursday February 9th, 17:00


V2_ institute for the unstable media, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam


Rule of Thought by Tom Groen, Wynand Huizinga, Tijl Kindt

How do you define mediocre? What does an 8-on-10 mean? When does something qualify to be liked on Facebook? We use many different reference points and scales when we are asked for our opinion or rating. Sometimes we can choose only ‘good’, ‘neutral’, or ‘bad’; other times we are asked to rate something on a scale from 0 to 100 and occasionally we are not given any reference at all. We are usually offered some kind of ruler with a given amount of choices. But what ruler is suitable for a given question? And is your ideal ruler different from other people’s rulers? Find out at Rule of Thought.

Feeling Halfway by Jaap Bierman, Paul Kasteleyn, Alwin Zwets

Being halfway is situation that we are usually not naturally aware of. We do not or will not take time to contemplate about being halfway and focus on the final goal. What are the consequences however when we do experience the state of being halfway consciously? Feeling Halfway is a game in which the highest score can be achieved by doing exactly half of the game. Would you be able to estimate the halfway point better than your opponent?

Floating by Robin de Lange, Atze de Vries, Berber de Vries

It is a common human desire to float, to hover far above the ground, to become weightless. People associate the ability to float with a great sense of freedom. One could elevate above one’s daily environment and move freely in all dimensions. This installation Floating explores the question whether the association of floating with freedom is justified. Under what conditions can people reach a state of floating and which restrictions does this give?

I see, I am by Erik Jansen, Polly Oskam, Martin Weber

At some point in life you may ask yourself “Who am I?” and “How do other people see me?”. You live your life through your very own eyes and you have a specific mental image of yourself. Imagine however that you could see yourself through the eyes of another person – how would you speak, hear, act and react? Does such a situation influence your attitude and the answers to questions asked? Would you become more aware of your behaviour? The installation I see, I am reflects upon these questions in the form of a visual experiment that swaps perspectives of the participants.

Inside a Layer by Aurimas Bavarskis, Ronald van Essen, Mathijs van Meerkerk

Do Layers really exist, or are they just a concept humans created in order to make sense of their lives? Are we inside some kind of layer beyond which we have no capacity to see? What does it mean to be inside a layer? How does it feel? And what if we are a layer ourselves? The installation Inside a Layer offers a journey through a complex of different layers. You have to physically navigate yourself through the inside of these layers each with their own properties and resistance. The result is an immersive environment in which you experience the layers as if you were a part of them.


10 - 19 February 2012