Media Technology MSc

Research Seminar: Artificial Intelligence

Objective Aim of the course is to obtain a broad perspective on Artificial Intelligence and its techniques, and studying, processing and presenting of scientific material
Teacher(s) Maarten Lamers
Course Level 500
ECTS Credits 6
Number of Classes ~15
Examination Homework tests, student presentations, attendance.
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This seminar-style course studies the topic of artificial intelligence (AI), taking a broad and historical view. Goal of the course is to learn studying, processing and presenting scientific material, and to learn about artificial intelligence. The seminar consists of lectures, homework assignments/tests, and student presentations.
It covers various sexy topics from the field of artificial intelligence, to the level that should enable students to discuss AI comfortably with other scientists, or to think about future directions. Topics include the question of whether machines can think, evolutionary computation, neural networks, computing with DNA, computers and emotions, computational creativity, cyborgs, and more. It is not a complete overview of AI topics. Some topics are not strictly AI but related; they were included to understand the history and context of artificial intelligence.
Seminar-style implies that presentations are mainly held by the students themselves, with much plenary discussion and interaction. Active participation and full class attendance are required to pass the course. Assessment and grading are based on student presentations, homework tests, and attendance. Reading material is distributed electronically in class.