Media Technology MSc

Research Fundamentals

Objective Understanding the principles and organization of science, understanding the limits of what is acceptable in science, understanding academic careers paths, and understanding the importance of creativity in scientific research.
Teacher(s) Maarten Lamers & Max van Duijn
Course Level 400
ECTS Credits 4
Examination Final project, written paper, presentation, homework assignments, student participation in class, attendance.
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In this course, principles, methods and organization of scientific research are presented. It aims to consolidate and extend prior views that students may have on academic research.

Topics of the course include principles of scientific research, organization of the academic world, academic careers, the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice, academic fraud, scientific publication, the role of creativity in research, asking the right questions, finding the right data, the role of statistics.

The course format is rather intense and student participation is high, with multiple writing assignments, a final research project and presentations. Class attendance is compulsory and an active in-class attitude is expected.

Most information about the course is on the lecturers' course webpage.