Media Technology MSc

Playful & Creative Science

Objective To show how scientists have been playful and creative
Teacher(s) Bas Haring and Maarten Lamers
Course Level 500
ECTS Credits 6
Examination To be announced in class

The course "Playful & Creative Science" follows on the course "Research Fundamentals". That course is about more commonplace science practices, whereas Playful & Creative Science discusses unconventional, playful ways of doing science. The course is organized along three main steps in the scientific cycle: (i) ask questions; (ii) execute research; and (iii) formulate answers.

The objective of the course is to show how scientists have been playful and creative in those three mentioned steps.
1) To make clear that scientists are less restricted to all kinds of rules, than often taught.
2) To give confidence to students to find own ways within science.
3) To help students being playful along the above mentioned three steps in the scientific cycle.
4) To show that scientists (sometimes do) produce other outputs than just scientific articles, and to provide numerous inspiring examples of such "other" output.

There will be six lectures, plus a final presentation session. In each lecture we will show, discuss and analyze numerous examples. We also want the lectures to be playful! It is intended to include one guest lesson (by some inspiring, playful or "peculiar" scientist) and/or an excursion to an example of unconventional scientific output. Finally you end this course by executing a small research project.