Media Technology MSc


Objective Gaining insight into perceptualization of information via theory, discussion and examples.
Teacher(s) Edwin van der Heide, Maarten Lamers
Course Level 400
ECTS Credits 3
Number of Classes ~7
Examination Homework, projects and presentations
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The term "perceptualization" was coined specifically for this course. It describes the translation of signals and information to modalities that appeal to any of the human senses. As such, it generalizes the terms "visualization" and "sonification" to include all other senses. We study such perceptualizations, with particular focus on how properties of a perception systems can be used to optimally convey information.

Course format

In this course, history, theory, practice, and examples of information perceptualization are studied and discussed. Lectures are combined with reading homework, student presentations and a student project. Full attendance is compulsory.

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