Media Technology MSc

Image & Vision: Embodied Vision

Objective Film history (illusionism) and study of film
Teacher(s) Dan North and other lecturers
Course Level 500
ECTS Credits 4
Number of Classes 8
Examination Essay and final project

Overall structure

The course consists of 8 sessions in total. Four sessions are classical lectures (hoorcollege) by Dan North, collectively discussing a topic.
Three other sessions will be a workshop by Robin de Lange, with the last session as presentations. 
All sessions have compulsory attendance.

The connecting threads between the four classes will be special effects and illusionism, either in the service of narrative, spectacle, or affective responses from viewers (as in the 'effects' of experimental cinema), and editing, which can be used to effect a transformation, construct spatiotemporal continuity, or create associative montages. This is thus a set of classes that take an angle on film history (illusionism), and also introduce some of the key concepts underpinning the study of film.

Course work and grading
To successfully complete the course, students must:
1. Attend all sessions (attendance is registered). Failing to attend sessions may affect the final grade.
2. Write an essay about the topic of the 4 collective classes.
3. Complete a project about a topic of the workshops.
Details about the assignments will be communicated by the lecturers during the course. Separate submission dates are scheduled for the essay assignment and project assignment.