Media Technology MSc

Human Computer Interaction & Information Visualization

Objective Understand the major principles of interaction design. Understand the key concepts in the trajectory of designing and implementing interactive products. Being able to apply these concepts to a practical research plan and to study the usability of an interactive application. Being able to critically assess the design process through a research question and report on results of a “short” study.
Teacher(s) Fons Verbeek
Course Level 400
ECTS Credits 6
Number of Classes 26
Examination Assignments, final project, paper and written exam
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Human Computer Interaction is concerned with man-machine interfaces. Every system equipped with a microprocessor has some kind of user interface for its operation. This is, in particularly, the case for systems that require which interaction as an essential ingredient for its normal operation: i.e. computers and computer programs.
Human Computer Interaction covers various aspects of the interaction between the human operator a computer system. In the lectures the underlying principles for the design of the computer interface and interaction are discussed. This includes aspects of human perception, cognitive processes and memory but also subjects directly related to interface and interaction design, i.e. metaphores, widgets, windowing systems and object orientation. In the modern approach of Human Computer Interaction, the user is the pivot of the design trajectory. Design methods are based on this principle and this will be clear in discussion of problem analysis, prototyping, evaluation and usability. Recent developments in HCI are discussed in the lectures.
The students in this course are taking part of either the regular Computer Science (CS, including I&E) programme or of the Mediatechnology (MT) programme. In addition, the course is included in the minor Computer Science. The course consists of two parts: (1) HCI Theory, and (2) practical assignments. Documentation and assignment is made available via the website of this course.