Media Technology MSc

Graduation Lab

Objective TBA
Teacher(s) Marcello Gómez Maureira
Course Level 400
ECTS Credits 1

The Graduation Lab comprises eight 2-hour meetings for students who are working on their 30 ECTS Graduation Project and thesis, with which they finalise their MSc in Media Technology. Each meeting is led by one of the Media Technology staff members involved in thesis supervision.
About 15% of the time in class is used to disseminate practical information about the graduation procedure. About 25% is used to provide information and support regarding methods, research skills, and project planning. In the remaining 60% students share their project plans and progress with the group, so that all can learn from each others’ inventiveness, research skills, and mistakes.
The graduation procedure involves project logging and filling out the Graduation Forms I and II. These forms have to be submitted using the Graduation Lab Blackboard page.