Media Technology MSc

Exhibition: Statement to Experience

Objective To learn how to develop a concept from a theme, and realize it in an exhibition context. The concept development is by far the most important aspect in this.
Teacher(s) Various scientific staff members
Course Level 500
ECTS Credits 12

Throughout every student’s third semester in the programme MSc Media Technology, a project is scheduled in which groups of students must work towards realizing an actual product or installation. However, the process of researching while creating the product is as important as the product itself. All projects start from their own theme, and students can also suggest new themes. A supervisor (scientific staff) assists every project team.
The final product must be innovating and will usually include a media component as well as a technical component. The project ends with a exhibition in a gallery that is open to the general public, and in which all products are exhibited. This exposition may be part of a city-wide cultural event. Many interesting projects that resulted from the Media Technology programme were created within the Semester Project.