Media Technology MSc

Marcello Gómez Maureira

gaming researcher

Marcello Gómez Maureira is a Media Technology alumnus, PhD student at the University of Malta, and makes up precisely half of the small Dutch game development studio 'Dandy Unicorns'. His research interests generally involve video games in one way or another; be it as catalysts for personal and societal transformation, or as artifacts that can be shaped through research. His PhD research focuses on the concept of 'curiosity' and how video games can be used to invoke and quantify a curious state of mind.

As "Graduation Coordinator" he is the contact person for any and all questions regarding the graduation phase. Contact him via his university e-mail address or on the Media Technology forum, where he identifies as "Maro".

For those who are curious, here is Marcello's own thesis on social presence and game experiences when gaming co-locatedly in virtual reality.