Media Technology MSc

Rick Companje

Developer at the European Space Agency (ESA)

During my travels in New Zealand I had so many creative ideas, among which a four-dimensional Earth globe, that I was certain of my desire for further study. I had completed a bachelor programme in interaction design. From across the world I sent my letter of application to Leiden, after which I was invited to an admission interview for the Media Technology MSc programme. In this programme I have learned to soak up scientific ideas and meanwhile be free to develop my own thoughts and ideas."

"My business card would then say: inventor-scientist-artist"

"With three fellow students I was able to develop my four-dimensional Earth globe. It was a great success! We traveled around the world with our globe and presented it at several scientific conferences and events in Europe, United States and India. The Maastricht Museum of Natural History bought one for their collection and it has been on display in NEMO Science Center in Amsterdam for several times. I now work part-time for the European Space Agency (ESA) in Noordwijk, where I co-develop a 3D video camera. My dream job would be to only realize my personal ideas and inventions. My business card would then say: inventor-scientist-artist. It’s just too difficult to choose.