Media Technology MSc

Nico van Dijk

General Manager of Globe4D & Doodle3D

"During my final internship for the Communication & Multimedia Design bachelor program, I learned about the Media Technology master from a fellow intern.

Having the idea to add depth to my technical knowledge, I applied and had an admission interview, which turned out to be an interesting experience. Feeling nervous already, I was asked about 'questions that I had' or 'things that I wanted to find out about'. I ended up talking about the effects of game environments on social behavior and player immersion, a topic which I had been occasionally thinking about. It was a surprise to me that a study programme existed where they’d let you actually research this type of topic as a serious project."

"got me thinking what I wanted to do"

"The program curriculum covers a wide range of topics. This helped a lot for my general perception of the world and got me thinking about what it is that I wanted to do. Most of the courses concluded with some kind of physical project, but among all the courses HCI and Creative Research were my favorite ones.

The Media Technology program has had a very large influence on my life. I started out meeting the great people that I shared a class with and we worked on some cool projects together. Sometimes they were a bigger success than other times, with the Semester Project being probably the greatest challenge. Actually, the Globe4D product originated directly from a Media Technology course. In the end, I graduated on a research project examining the effects of leadership and communication on large teams working on collaborative problems in gaming environments."

"I am now the general manager of Globe4D & Doodle3D. A small specialized business I run together with former Media Technology student Rick Companje. We have a small team of people working with us on Globe4D projects and the Doodle3D kickstarter. Design, administration, sales, acquisition, marketing, project management, and long-term planning & growth of our business are my current responsibilities.

At Globe4D we develop and produce digital globes of various sizes and interaction methods. We work on custom project for single clients but we also deliver turn-key products. We ship internationally and our globes can be found at musea and institutions between Seoul and Dallas."

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