Media Technology MSc

Bastiaan Terhorst & Casper Schipper

Co-founders of Perceptor design studio

"What we did before Media Technology?" Casper: "I studied Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. And Bastiaan did Animation at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

Looking to expand our horizons into the field of science and creative research we both ended up at the Media Technology program. There, we joined forces on several projects. Sharing an interest in design and philosophy we soon extended our collaboration into the professional realm."

"Ample room for personal development"

"Media Technology has been a unique experience. The combination of scientific thinking and creative methods (or scientific methods and creative thinking) was inspiring. The programme covers a broad range of topics in the curriculum and provides ample room for personal development. For instance, we both took a great metaphysics class at the Philosophy department. At Media Technology, assignments ranged from theoretical to practical; it’s refreshing to be writing a paper one day and building a robot the next.

Following our graduation we set up Perceptor, an interaction-focused design studio. We create interactive projects such as websites, apps, games and interactive spaces. Not long after starting, another Media Technology alumnus Dünya Kirkali joined us as well. Now our team consists of experts in very diverse fields which enable us to tackle complex questions ranging from strategy and concept to design and implementation. Our clients include Apple, Wacom and World Press Photo. Besides doing the necessary client work we spend as much time as we can on the thing we like most: self initiated projects."

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