Media Technology MSc

Amalia Kallergi

PhD researcher in Imaging & Bioinformatics (Leiden University)

I studied Computer Science at the Aristoteles University in Thessaloniki, after which I was admitted into the English-language Media Technology master programme at Leiden University. The programme unites students with divers backgrounds and so exchanges varying fields of expertise. Leiden has an inspiring intellectual climate that stimulated my scientific curiosity and creativity. The master programme brings together creativity and technology. On the one hand the work is quite technical and you learn to build your own projects, such as software systems, devices and installations. On the other hand, the study is theoretical and conceptual of nature; you are taught to ask creative questions and research them yourself."

"My work is to find new ways of interactions"

"My fellow students call themselves artist, inventor or scientist. I like to be called a scientist, because that is the job that I now do: PhD research for Cyttron, a consortium of universities from Leiden, Delft, Utrecht, Antwerp and London that is concerned with bio-imaging techniques. I am a researcher for the Imaging & Bioinformatics group and study human-computer interactions. All interaction between man and machine as governed by an interface. My work is to find new ways of interactions.