Media Technology MSc

Alwin de Rooij

PhD researcher in Creativity Science (City University London)

"During my undergraduate studies at the Royal Academy of Art, I developed a strong interest in the possible intersections between the creative arts and the sciences, in particular the affective nature of people’s relationship with novel technologies. I was keen to further develop knowledge in this field from a scientific perspective, but without losing the freedom to go in new directions. The Media Technology MSc programme is one of these rare opportunities that offer both a large degree of freedom (as it encourages curiosity in an interdisciplinary way), alongside diverse knowledge and skills from the sciences.

In hindsight the Media Technology programme definitely fulfilled my expectations. I graduated on the development of a new design approach for social robots, which enables the design of emotional communication between man and machines in a natural way, without resembling the human or animal form. This research blends the fields of abstract art, affective science, and human robot interaction, which nicely merges both my artistic background and the knowledge I gained at Leiden University.

After graduating I decided to further pursue my scientific interests. I am now studying for a doctorate (PhD) at City University London in the new field of affective creativity support technology."