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Wim van Eck and Maarten Lamers teach at BioHack Academy

On Monday March 26, Wim van Eck (PhD candidate) and Maarten Lamers (Wim's co-promotor) will guest-lecture at the BioHack Academy #5. The topic of their lecture is "organism involved computer games", or games that somehow involve real animals, bacteria, fungi, or plants. It is simultaneously video-cast to collaborating international labs.

[UPDATE: actually, the presentation was filmed and can be viewed on Vimeo.]

The BioHack Academy is an international course that teaches you to create and run your own DIY biolab. In 10 classes, it explains you how to construct the necessary machines, such as incubators, microscopes and centrifuges. These enable you to grow your own fuel, food, filaments, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, fungi and much more bio stuff at home. This year's edition is organized by Waag Society in Amsterdam.

Incidentally, this edition of the BioHack Academy is organized by Media Technology alumnus Roland van Dierendonck.

(Photo by Waag Society: microscope built during a BioHacking event)

26 March 2018