Media Technology MSc

Students meet entrepreneurial alumni at the first “What’s Next?” event

We are proud to invite you to the first in line of an alumni lecture series, organized by students, for students and alumni. With these events we hope to inspire current Media Technology students and bring together alumni.

Our first event will bring us to the field of creative entrepeneurship on Friday March 23:

  • Alumna Ella Keijzer will tell us about her career path, including her business Fietslabyrint revolving around virtual bike tours. What started as a student project evolved to a multimedia installation to keep people moving over more than 250 virtual bicycle paths. It offers a great solution for elderly and disabled people, who can’t go outside on their own, to discover the world.
  • Freelance interaction developer, artist and teacher Sylvain Vriens worked on a wide range of projects for clients like Nike, Apple and Dior. His goal as a creative entrepreneur is to create fun, immersive experience where the technology feels natural and becomes invisible at the same time.

Are you an alumnus?
This is your chance to catch up with fellow alumni, and to see what the graduates-to-be are up to. Furthermore, you as a graduate could be an example to students, and therefore your presence is very much appreciated.

Are you a student?
So you have had an interesting time spent with art, technology and a collaboration of both. Maybe only one semester, maybe four or more. No matter what, undoubtedly you thought at some point "What's next?"... Alumni events group to the rescue! We will provide you with some thought triggering, horizon broadening, synaps stimulating lectures.

Details and (free) registration
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Organized by
Stijn, Arzu, Monica, Jente, MaxG

23 March 2018