Media Technology MSc

Vacancy for assistant professor Computation x Creativity

LIACS and Media Technology have an opening for an assistant professor Computation x Creativity.

Research in the context of the MSc in Media Technology crosses “computation” with “creativity”. A multidisciplinary approach is taken that includes artificial intelligence and constructive machine learning, as well as elements from cognitive science, philosophy, and creative arts. Examples of research questions are: “Can an algorithm be creative by human standards?”, “Can creative processes, such as composing music or writing poetry, be modelled?”, or “How can algorithms optimally support human creativity?”. Applications and research directions include interaction models, augmented/virtual reality, computer-generated art, computational research of language and literature, serious gaming, and “public technology” mediated by devices as smartphones, 3D-printers, robots, and drones. 

The Media Technology group places an emphasis on personal curiosity and conducting research in creative and playful ways. Research conducted by both staff and students not only yields a high number of publications and conference contributions, but also regularly results in practical spin-offs in business and society, or to exhibitions in museums and public space.

For a complete description of the job, requirements, etc., see the job post on Academic Transfer. Apply before April 1 2017.

1 April 2017