Media Technology MSc

Vacancies for students: Lab Committee [CLOSING MAY 1st]

The Media Technology MSc program has vacancies for approx. 3 students who would like to become part of a student run Lab Committee on a voluntary basis. The objective of the new to be founded Lab Committee is to run, improve and extend the technical infrastructure available to Media Technology MSc students, in the broadest sense of the word.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Creating an inventory and platform to reserve materials or equipment;
  • Testing new equipment and creating examples, demos, how-to’s;
  • Managing labs 406/413, including tools accessibility, comfort and safety;
  • Finding and selecting new committee members to ensure the committee´s continuity.


  • Proactively search for creative ways to acquire new materials and equipment;
  • Advise the executive committee (board) on equipment purchases;
  • Manage some of the smaller purchases;
  • Initiate technical workshops targeting Media Tech students, as well as broader populations such as CS, Science or general public on an ad hoc basis.

Students will be part of the committee for minimum one year, meet regularly and ensure long term continuity of the committee. The committee will consist of 3 or 4 student members and one staff member. We are looking for volunteers with technical and/or organizational skills that fit the above goals and activities, and if possible complementary skills.

Send your application (very brief motivation, think 200 words) to

1 April 2017